Exploring the Towns & Cities of South Coast, Massachusetts

South Coast, Massachusetts

Discover the Charm of Massachusetts’ South Coast

The South Coast stretched across a large area encompassing 13 municipalities, and featuring countless beaches and recreational opportunities for its more than 300,000 residents.

A sweeping aerial view of the South Coast reveals plenty of parks, marinas, golf courses, and historic districts, accentuated by waterfront homes, rendering it an irresistible destination, perfectly nestled inbetween Cape Cod and Newport, Rhode Island.

For those seeking to purchase a home in the area, I’ve broken down each town and what you can expect to find. Of course, these just show a small glimpse into what each of these towns offer.

Acushnet: Nestled independently with over 10,000 residents, Acushnet thrives as more than a mere suburb of New Bedford. Renowned for the Acushnet Process Company, producers of Titleist golf equipment, this town boasts serene rivers and pristine ponds.

Dartmouth: Adjacent to New Bedford, Dartmouth hosts the esteemed University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and offers an abundance of hiking trails. Within Dartmouth there is North Dartmouth which tends to be more commercialized, and South Dartmouth which hugs the coast of Buzzards Bay.  The villages that can be found in the town of Dartmouth are South Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, Russells Mills, Smith Mills, Hixville, Bliss Corner, and Padanaram Village.

Fairhaven: Situated across the Acushnet River, Fairhaven exudes coastal charm with its oceanfront lifestyle. From the allure of West Island Town Beach to the historic allure of Fort Phoenix, Fairhaven captures the essence of seaside living.

Fall River: As the South Coast’s second-largest community, Fall River teems with vitality. Its bustling downtown, encompassing the Corky Row Historic District, coexists with maritime heritage showcased at Battleship Cove, creating a dynamic urban landscape.

Freetown: Steeped in history, Freetown stands as one of the nation’s oldest towns, enveloping two distinct villages—Assonet and East Freetown. These enclaves, nestled amidst forests, serve as tranquil retreats while maintaining proximity to urban centers.

Marion: Beaches, golf courses, marshland, and forests make-up much of Marion, a town with just 4,900 residents and plenty of outdoor space to explore. The Sippican Harbor, which sits in the heart of the community, is incredibly popular with boaters in the summer, and Front Street is often bustling with activity.

Mattapoisett: Echoing Marion’s charm, Mattapoisett boasts a vibrant town center adorned with eateries, shops, and the popular Mattapoisett Town Beach. Its harbor, offering direct access to Buzzards Bay, epitomizes coastal living.

New Bedford: Embracing a rich maritime legacy, New Bedford stands as the South Coast’s largest city, teeming with cultural landmarks such as Fort Rodman and the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Its vibrant waterfront and easy ferry access enhance its allure.

Rochester: Nestled inland, Rochester exudes tranquility with its expansive woodlands and farmlands, offering a peaceful retreat amidst its verdant landscape.

Somerset: Bordering Fall River across the Taunton River, Somerset combines residential charm with industrial prowess, while its coastal vistas and small beaches add to its appeal.

Swansea: Nestled on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border, Swansea entices with its pristine Town Beach and a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces.

Wareham: Serving as the Gateway to Cape Cod, Wareham boasts scenic waterfronts, bustling downtowns, and a diverse array of recreational offerings, ensuring something for everyone.

Westport: Embracing the shores of Buzzards Bay, Westport offers a serene escape with attractions like Horseneck Beach and the Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge, promising tranquility amidst natural splendor.

Each town along Massachusetts’ South Coast brings its own vibe, creating a colorful array of lifestyle choices. Tucked close to Boston and Providence, it’s the perfect blend of coastal charm and city convenience. If you’re thinking of settling down of the South Coast, contact me to help you decide which town is right for you.

Molly Armando


Molly Armando, a Dartmouth realtor, excels in client management with a marketing background. “Your goals, my commitment.” Expert guidance for real estate.
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